Friday, 18 July 2014

Angel's Truth (Angel #2) by Liz Borino

*Please Note: These Books Must Be Read In Order*
Blurb: “Freeze or I’ll shoot!” Aaron yelled and aimed the gun at Jordan’s chest.
“Angel, no, please.” Hacking fluid-filled coughs broke up Jordan’s words.
“Jordan?” Aaron whispered his name as recognition painted a mural of memories of their life together on his face. 
“Yes.” He coughed red into his dirty hand. “Please help.”
So begins Angel’s Truth, the sequel to Angel’s Hero. Army Captain Jordan Collins arrives home, only to find the man responsible for his imprisonment, torture, and near-execution with his husband. Had his Angel moved on without him?
Aaron “Angel” Collins has driven his family and friends away in his quest to learn the truth of Jordan’s fate, leaving only Major General Troy Hart willing to help him. When Jordan miraculously returns, with a spirit more broken than his body, Aaron realizes Hart was really a liar with an agenda of his own. Aaron is unable to take time to heal his own emotional wounds, because he and Jordan learn Hart’s betrayal is even greater than they originally believed, threatening the entire nation. Now the reunited couple must race against time to keep a promise to Jordan’s savior and prevent Hart from bringing terrorism once again to American soil.

I was asked to review this for Netgalley. The story carries on from where Angel's Hero finished. Aaron 'Angel' Collins and Jordan Collins are tracking down Troy Hart who has been at the centre of all this commotion. Adeela Nadar is Jordan's saviour, can he rescue her and keep his promise to get her out or will it be too late. All will be revealed in Angel's Truth.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Angel's Hero (Angel #1) by Liz Borino

CIA Agent Aaron “Angel” Collins doesn’t take many things on faith. He trusts his gut, his eyes, and his husband, Jordan, an Army Captain. When his commanding officers deliver news of Jordan’s death, Aaron needs proof. The facts don’t add up, and Aaron must decide if he can trust Major General Troy Hart to assist in his quest to discover the truth.
Captain Jordan Collins is battered and disheartened in an Afghanistan prison, but definitely not dead, though he learns his own government believes he is. His only mission now is to stay alive and make it home to Angel, if he can find an ally among the enemy. But someone in the US government will stop at nothing to make sure he never leaves that prison, And Jordan must re-evaluate the lines between friend and foe if he is ever to return to his Angel.

I was asked to review this amazing book from Netgalley. It starts off with 2 men who are husband and husband. 1 is a CIA agent and the other is a Army Captain. 

Jordan Collins is an Army Captain that is sent away to Afghanistan for his last deployment, where he is supposedly killed in a fire at a prison camp, whilst his husband Aaron 'Angel' Collins who is a CIA agent is left at home and not believing that Jordan is dead without a body. The story goes back and forth between the past 11 years (not every year lol) that they had been together. Someone is trying to split the boys up. Troy Hart is the Major General and he is trying to maneuver on to Aaron. Has Major General Troy got something to hide? All will be revealed in Angel's Hero.

Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

New York jeweller Garet James has her fair share of problems: money, an elderly father, a struggling business. One day she comes across an antiques shop she'd never noticed before. The owner possesses an old silver box that's been sealed shut. Would she help an old man and open it, perhaps? She does...and that night strange things begin to happen. It's as if her world - our world - has shifted slightly, revealing another, parallel place that co-exists without our knowledge: the world of the Fey...

Garet learns that one of her ancestors was 'the Watchtower': an immortal chosen to stand guard over the human and the fey worlds - a role that she has, it seems, inherited from her mother. But the equilibrium between these two existences is under threat. The 16th-century magician and necromancer Dr John Dee has returned, the box has been opened and the demons of Despair and Discord released. In a race against time and impending apocalypse, it is Garet who must find Dee...and close the box.

I was asked to read this for Netgalley. Even though I struggled to finish this, the characters are interesting, but I just keep struggling for it to grab my attention.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Solace in Scandal by Kimberly Dean

Greed and lies bound them together, but will the truth tear their love apart?

When Elena Bardot suffers the backlash of a Ponzi scheme orchestrated by her father, she retreats to the abandoned estate of his partners in crime. Wolfe Manor is lush and private, a perfect place to lick her wounds – until the notorious prodigal son returns. Disgraced billionaire Alex Wolfe is aloof, imposing, and sexy as hell. Elena knows she shouldn’t want him, but attraction overrules her head.

Life behind bars has changed Alex. He doesn’t have time for the complication of a gorgeous little brunette – especially one with her name – but the tension between them escalates. Lust overwhelms their resistance, and the sex is hot and cathartic. They’ve both been betrayed by family, hurt by society, and cast as villains. Alone together, they take solace in slow kisses and sensual nights. Yet while Elena may be content to hide from the world, Alex is driven to reclaim his place on top of it. This time, he’s determined to take her with him.

I was asked to read this for Netgalley. It started off slow and I was wondering if I should carry on. It's started to pick up a bit later and the characters getting to know one another is an exploration in itself. I found myself wanting to shout at the main characters Elena and Alex for what they was going through.

I loved the sexual heat between them and the way that they hated what each other was at the start. The heat between them for what their father/grandfather had done in the first place was amazing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes erotic novels with a twist.