Sunday, 17 February 2019

Redeeming the Rancher (Meier Ranch Brothers #2) by Leslie North

He’s surrounded by darkness. She’s the one who can lead him into the light… 

After his recent military tour, Wes Meier wants to hang up his helmet and focus on his family’s Texas ranch. But when he meets Olive, his focus shifts. The fascinating, gorgeous, and not-at-all-his-type artist wants to use him as inspiration for a local sculpture, but Wes just wants to retreat. He came back home for peace and quiet, not to be immortalized as a hero. Even worse, she’s the sister of one of his fallen comrades, and having her around makes him remember experiences he’s desperate to forget. Livie is challenging his grasp on civilian life, but she’s fast becoming an attraction Wes is powerless to resist. 

Artist Livie Blake may not wear her emotions on her sleeve, but art is in her soul. She’s in Close Call, Texas for an important commission, and to explore the town her dead brother told her so much about. When she meets Wes, she doesn’t exactly hit it off with the rugged cowboy. He’s handsome, cocky, and completely closed off, but Livie’s sure she’s found her inspiration for the military memorial. Wes can try to keep his distance, but Livie is determined to learn the serviceman’s secrets. And the more she discovers, the further she falls for the wounded warrior. 

Livie never trusts her emotions, and Wes wears his wounds where no one else can see. Can the tortured artist and the damaged hero ever open their hearts to love? 

I want to say thank you to Leslie North and Netgalley for another great installment of the Meier Ranch Brothers.

Wes Meier came home in the last installment, but this installment is all about him and his past that he can't forget. When Olivia Blake comes along to be asked to do a commission and wants to explore where her dead brother visited when he wasn't on duty. What happens when Wes meets Olivia and gets too close? What happens when Wes finds out what Olivia is commissioning and will he be able to walk away from her?

All will be revealed in the second installment of the Meier Ranch Brothers series.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Impeding Justice (Lorne Simpkins #2) by M.A. Comley

Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins comes up against her long-time nemesis, The Unicorn. After leading Simpkins and her partner into a trap, in which Pete is killed, Lorne comes to the conclusion the criminal is obtaining insider information, enabling him to stay one step ahead of them.

Can Lorne uncover who the mole is before The Unicorn harms her daughter?

I want to say thanks to Mel Comley for doing another part of the series.  I've had this since January 2012 lol. Not had a chance to read the series over the years. 

DI Lorne Simpkins has lost her partner thanks to her long time nemesis The Unicorn. She's chasing after a phantom (so it feels like). But is she? Her daughter is taken and this time The Unicorn means business. He's after DI Simpkins through her daughter. A slave trade that has the top names in the ring. Someone is passing information on to The Unicorn. Can DI Simpkins get ahead of The Unicorn in order to save her daughter or will her daughter be another casualty of The Unicorn?

All will be revealed when you read Impeding Justice (Book 2).

Tempting the Rancher (Meier Ranch Brothers #1) by Leslie North

Texas rancher Nathaniel Meier always puts his responsibilities first. With his father dead, his brothers away, and his mother off “finding herself,” it’s Nat who runs their sprawling ranch. But with cattle to sell and the bank breathing down his neck, he needs all the help he can get, even when that help comes from the last person he ever expected to see again—his childhood sweetheart January Rose. 

Free-spirited January always dreamed of traveling the world. The moment she turned eighteen, she left Close Call, Texas behind and barely looked back. So now that she’s home, she intends to stay only long enough to earn some cash and get back on the road. But when she comes face to face with Nat Meier, she quickly realizes the boy she left behind is now all man. 

Even for a nomad like January, wanderlust sometimes gets lonely, and Nat is the one person who’s called to her, even after a decade apart. But for a man ruled by responsibility and a woman whose suitcase is her home, the future is uncertain. And the closer they get, the more Nat worries he’s going to get burned…again.

I want to thank Netgalley and Leslie North for another enticing series. 

Nathaniel Meier (Nat) has been dealing with the ranch on his own since his mother went off to find herself, his brothers are away and his father passed on. January Rose (J) has been off travelling the world for the past 10 years, but limited funds means she needs to come back to Close Call, Texas. What happened when January comes back to the ranch and how will Nat feel when she has to leave after a week?

Read Tempting The Rancher to find out what happens. 

Friday, 1 February 2019

The Billionaire's Last Chance (The Beaumont Brothers #3) by Leslie North

Connall Beaumont, CEO and COO of B3 Motors, needs a wife in less than two months or he will lose the business he and his brothers have spent years building. Connall never expected that the stunningly beautiful woman he met at a bar is the daughter of the lawyer who’s executing his grandfather’s will—a will Connall would do just about anything to get his hands on in order to save his company and the livelihoods of the people who work for him. If putting his hands on a beautiful woman will get him closer to that goal, then he’s game. Besides, there’s something about Bernadette Rowland that has him thinking she could be more than just a pawn in his grandfather’s game.

Bernadette wasn’t looking for a man, but when Connall inserted himself into her life, she didn’t put up much of a struggle. He’s sexy and smart and seems genuinely interested in her work as a wolf researcher. Bernadette can’t resist his charm and before long, she’s swept up into a world far away from the isolation and loneliness of the Montana wilderness. But just when she thinks she’s found someone who could be her mate for life, she discovers the real reason he’s been piling on the charm, and their perfect romance crumbles.

Can two people who are worlds apart find happiness together or are they each destined for life as a lone wolf?

I want to thank Netgalley and Leslie North for allowing me to read this last installment of The Beaumount Brothers series.

Connall Beaumount is the last of the Beaumount brothers to marry. Bernadette Rowland is a wolf researcher who lives out in Montana wilderness. A chance meeting in a restaurant sparks a journey for both of them. Will Connall find a wife within 2 months? Can Bernadette fight her feelings for Connall once she finds out what's behind his attraction to her? Can they really be together once the truth is out? All will be revealed in the final installment of The Beaumount Brothers.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Billionaire’s False FiancĂ©e (The Beaumont Brothers #2) by Leslie North

Jess Green has had to fight for everything she has. When she sees her future about to slide into an abyss thanks to an offhand comment made by her sexy but oblivious boss, Alistair Beaumont, she decides to take things into her own hands. Everyone in the financial world knows the Beaumont brothers need to settle down else the company that Jess depends upon will go under. So when Alistair is overheard discussing his disbelief in love and marriage the company stock price plunges. When Alistair suffers a bout of amnesia on a skiing trip, Jess sees a way to save the company and decides to tell him one teeny, tiny lie: she’s his fiancĂ©. 

Alistair loves one thing and one thing only—his freedom—and certainly not the girl he finds in his bed, claiming to be his future wife. Amnesia or not, something’s not right. Sure, she’s got that girl-next-door sexiness about her, and his attraction to her is powerful, but deep in his gut he’s rebelling against the idea of being tied down. However, snowed in and isolated from the world in an exclusive lodge, Alistair begins to believe they are a couple and against all odds, he actually finds himself falling in love. 

But when Alistair gets his memories back, will he choose to stay with Jess who he can’t get out of his mind—or out of his heart—or will he choose to take back the freedom he’s always craved?

I would like to thank Leslie North and Netgalley for this copy of another exciting installment of the Beaumont Brothers.

Jess Green works for the Beaumont Brothers company as Alistair Beaumont's PA. What he doesn't know is that she's got the hots for him. Alistair Beaumont and his brothers own B3 and in their grandfather's clause is that they must find their true love within 18 months of his passing. Alistair has had an accident in a skiing trip, he's lost his memory. Can Jess fake being his fiancee to save the company and her job or will Alistair remember exactly who she is and is he really engaged to her or does he really WANT to be with her at all. All will be in the second installment of The Beaumont Brothers series.

The Billionaire’s Sham Girlfriend (The Beaumont Brothers #1) by Leslie North

Gregor Beaumont is in a world of hurt that all the charm in his gorgeous, well-toned body can’t fix. His late grandfather, God rest his soul, wanted to make sure Gregor and his two playboy brothers settle down. He had the brilliant idea of buying up a huge share of the brothers’ engine company and using that as incentive for each brother to find Mrs. Right. Settle down or lose the company to a competitor. Well, that’s just not happening to Gregor, not when life’s so good at the moment. Gregor likes racing fast cars and seducing fast women, and not necessarily in that order. Settle down? Not a chance. Gregor has his own brilliant idea: find some wholesome and desperate girl to pretend to be his girlfriend. No harm. No foul. Unless things start getting a little bit too real.
Kara Alerby knows she’s a sucker for blues eyes and a great smile, so when Gregor comes into her theater wanting to hire her to act the part of his adoring girlfriend, she’s already got her defenses on high alert. But Kara’s a practical girl, and Gregor’s offering a boatload of money that would go a long way toward making her dream of creating a fine arts school for gifted kids a reality. She can ignore his smiles, his charisma, and his kiss-me mouth if it means she’ll get her school. All she has to do is remind herself, every second of every day they’re together, that it’s all make believe—even when it doesn’t always feel that way.

When Greg’s love of racing puts his life in jeopardy, Kara isn’t ready to watch another person die in front of her like her father did. And Greg isn’t about to stop doing the one thing that makes life worth living. The two are on a collision course, one that could break them apart forever if they don’t change directions…

I would like to thank Leslie North for writing this new series to me. Also thank you Netgalley for allowing me a copy of the 1st of the Beaumount series.

Kara Alerby is a bright and aspiring drama teacher who wants the theatre that is for sale to do her own shows. Gregor Beaumount is a fast driving Formula 1 driver who loves the thrill. His grandfather who passed away has put a clause in getting his part of the inheritance. He has to find a woman who he can marry. What happens when they enter the agreement shocks both of them. 

Will they have a happy ending or will the curtains come down on this supposed relationship. All will be revealed in The Billionaire's Sham Girlfriend.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Inquisition (The Wolfgang Trilogy #2) by F.D. Gross

Blood of the father 
Blood of the son 
Blood of those dead and gone… 

After learning the truth about his missing son, Dorian, Tenor Wolfgang is left with unanswered questions. The vampire hunter and his faithful friend Kronklich pursue Dorian through forces of darkness. Haunted by the phrase “Blood of the father,” Wolfgang wonders what the forces of darkness intend. 

In a heart-pounding race across a frozen gothic countryside, Wolfgang seeks answers, stopping at nothing to reach his son before it’s too late. Who are the Carnalreesee really, and what is their purpose? 

Continue the gut-wrenching journey of carnage, strife, and suffering in this next installment of the Wolfgang Trilogy: Inquisition. 

I would like to thank F D Gross for writing the second in the Wolfgang series.

It was a slow start for me as we had Christmas and New Year. I had to keep thinking back to book 1 that I read in 2016 to catch up with the series. Wolfgang and Kronklich carry on their journey to look for Wolfgang's son Dorian. They come up against more vampires, creatures of the night as they look for Dorian. Wolfgang swears he sees and hears his wife Diana when he sleeps, but is he really seeing her or is it his imagination. Also we meet his father in law Dora who wishes him dead and can he help him in his quest to find his son/grandson with this instrument.

All will be revealed when you read Inquisition (book 2 of the Wolfgang series).