Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Moment of Impact by Rene D. Schultz


In one moment of impact, lives change forever and there is no going back to before. As much as we try or do not want to…we must always continue to take small steps forward. This pushes us to move through the pain and sorrow, for if we lose the will to live…we lose that chance for a new beginning. ~Rene d. Schultz

Seven people board a train to Los Angeles. Each one with their own story… In that one ‘moment of impact’ the train crash will change their lives forever. Some will live and some will die, but the catastrophic rippling effect of the crash will leave many lives and families shattered.

Take this journey….as lives change forever….

I love Rene's books and this 1 was no different. Her characters are intense and so real to you. It makes you feel as if you're watching or seeing the incidents happen right in front of you.

7 lives are changed forever by a moment of impact. Families that will never be the same again. A train derailed, lives thrown into chaos. Who's to blame and what happens to those 7 lives will never be the same again. A must read for any fan of Rene Schultz.