Friday, 28 February 2014

12th of Never - James Patterson

A baby on the way and two killers on the loose.
Will Detective Lindsay Boxer be pushed to breaking point?
An eccentric professor walks into Lindsay's homicide department to report a murder that hasn't yet happened.
A convicted serial killer wakes from a two-year coma. He says he's ready to tell where the bodies are buried, but does he have a much more sinister plan in mind?
Lindsay doesn't have much time to stop a terrifying future from unfolding. But all the crimes in the world seem like nothing when she is suddenly faced with the possibility of the most devastating loss of her life.

I picked up this book as I wanted an easy quick read for near the end of the month. What I got was a rollercoaster ride in no idea. It started off good with Lindsay Boxer giving birth, it jumps to Yuki in a court case 3 weeks later and goes back and forth between murder and mayhem. I am not sure what I read, but James Patterson needs to pick up the stories a bit better. Also was adding relationship problems into the story for which I have no idea why.

My honest opinion is I am not sure I am going to carry on reading Mr Patterson's books after this.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Kissing Fire - A.M. Hargrove

Preston Mitchell, undercover DEA agent, has led a life of danger and obscurity. Knowing his job would never allow a normal relationship, he’s never opened himself up to any woman...that is until the lovely Avery Middleton stumbles into his life. 

To the outsider, Avery has it all...wealth, family, connections and a great job. But on the inside, she’s miserable. Her social life is in the dumpster, the kooky gal next door has some zany plans for her and her selfish mother drives Avery to the point of insanity. Her only salvation is to get out of Charleston and start a new life. So that’s precisely what she does. She moves to Seattle and steps right into the path of hot and sexy, Preston. 

Unfortunately for both of them, Avery ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and is now running for her life. But she’s not alone. She has a gorgeous DEA agent protecting her and suddenly finds herself irresistibly captivated by him. There’s only one problem. Preston carries more than his share of mental baggage, courtesy of his job. His covert missions have put him in places and situations he can barely stand to think about. Avery rocks Preston’s world because she is nothing like anyone he’s ever met and something extraordinary begins to happen between them. But can their love survive in this world, where danger, intrigue and deception lurk on every corner?

I've had this book for since October and I'm glad I read it straight after Shattered Edge. It's bought the whole series to a close now.

I have loved Preston and Avery characters. the way they interact with each other. Preston Mitchell is a DEA Agent, he is about to bring down a drug cartel when he meets Avery Middleton. He is so smitten with her. She on the other hand is smitten to pieces with him and all hell breaks loose as they start a relationship.

I loved all 3 books in the Edge series and I am sorry to say goodbye to the characters.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shattered Edge - A.M. Hargrove

An Edge Novel

Their trial relationship was meant to last six months, but things didn’t quite work out the way they planned...

Justin Middleton, who has left a string of broken hearts across the state of South Carolina, has only one thing on his mind, and that’s winning Terri Mitchell’s heart in six months. That’s all the time she’s given him...six short months. If he can’t do it by then, they’ll go their separate ways. 

Terri Mitchell knows she’s lost her mind when she even suggested this harebrained scheme. She finally thinks her heart is on the mend from her past encounter with Justin. However, when he shows up at her house late one night looking deliciously sexy and irresistible, her iron will to fight him vanishes and the words tumble from her lips before she’s barely aware of what she’s done. 

Within weeks, both of them find themselves passionately involved, but when Terri’s brother, Preston, shows up, mysterious things begin to happen, turning their blissful world into something dark and dangerous.

When I was given this book just over a year ago, I was like I'll read that soon. I so wished I had read it earlier, cos I have no idea why IT TOOK ME SO LONG lol. I love Annie Hargrove's books and this 1 was no exception.

It carries on from book 1's story. It has Lexi, Pearce, the Middleton family. It brings with it a certain taste for more sex, more love and definitely more HOT characters. Terri and Justin used to date in book 1 but they had an accident. Well let's say that when these 2 get together there are going to be sparks flying left, right and centre. There is all the LOVE, ROMANCE, SEX in this book to make you read it from start to finish. It also has some conspiracy in the book too.

Now I am off to read the next installment to this wonderful series.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Angels Dawn by Komali da Silva

Dawn Huntington wants what every girl wants, a sweet sixteen birthday party with her friends, family, and some hot boys, but fate has other plans. On the night of Dawn's sixteenth birthday, she witnesses a crime she can't turn her back on, and the decisions she makes that night will change her life forever. 

Never having been confronted with such violence, Dawn turns to a mysterious and beautiful boy named Angelo, only she can't remember what happens that night. To make things more complicated, Dawn is in a relationship with Angelo's complete opposite, Nate. Dawn doesn't want to hurt Nate, yet she can't shake her feelings for Angelo, even when she can't help but feel he's hiding something from her, and it could be something dark. Why is Angelo acting so weird around Bonita? Are they together? Are they really only friends?

Angelo may be trouble, but Dawn can't ignore her feelings for him. Dawn is at a crossroads. Should she choose love? Or friendship? Once Dawn finally finds the courage to choose, she thinks the drama is over. But Dawn wasn't expecting her choices to have such dire consequences. 

Do you believe in love at first sight? But can one trust someone blindly? Can love overcome all the obstacles?

Is friendship just the beginning of love?

I was asked to review this by the author. I loved the main characters Dawn n Angelo and Nate. I love my Paranormal Romance books and I wasn't disappointed when I started reading this. It makes you believe you are reading a Romance novel, but as you start getting into the story, it unfolds into something completely different. A love triangle that was intense and mind boggling at times lol. You find out more about the characters as the story unfolds. When you get to the end, you need to know what happens next and that installment will come when Komali da Silva writes Book 2 this Summer.

I loved every minute of reading this book and can't wait til the next book comes out. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Home Again, Home Again - Nadine Christian

Book 2 of The Bounty's Return series. 

One choice to make between two loves…but, who’s fooling who? 

Home for Tina means family, Pitcairn Island and a job as an aircraft engineer. She’s not looking for love so when pilot, Blane Solis sweeps her off her feet. She is soon flying into the heady slipstream of romance…but, is he the one for her? 

Tina’s childhood sweetheart, Connor Brown doesn't think so. What dark secret is Blane hiding, and why is he hell bent on ensuring Tina doesn't find out? Can Tina ever forgive Connor for what he did so many years ago? 

One heart. Two men. A shattered past and an unsure future…with love on the line.

I was gifted this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Well, this is the 1st book I've read by this author. I wasn't sure what to make of the book at the beginning. I was a bit apprehensive to read about a small island, but as soon as I started reading and getting to know the main characters, boy was I in for a shock. I hated Blane for the way he treats people, Tina is so naive and gullible to his charms lol. But Connor, I fell in love with. Had a few lumps in my throat whilst reading this and have had loads of giggles.

Definitely can't wait to read more of this author and would love to see Pitcairn Island as well.

Monday, 3 February 2014

From A Dead Sleep - John A. Daly

There are times when the truth invites evil, and there are times when the truth can get you killed. Few residents in the secluded mountain-town of Winston, Colorado, have kind words to say about local troublemaker Sean Coleman. He's a bully, a drunk, and a crime-show addicted armchair detective with an overactive imagination. After a night of poor judgment, Sean finds himself the sole witness to the unusual suicide of a mysterious stranger. With the body whisked away in the chilling rapids of a raging river, no one believes Sean's account. When his claim is met with doubt and mockery from the people of Winston, Sean embarks on a far-reaching crusade that takes him across the country in search of the dead man's identity and personal vindication. He hopes to find redemption and the truth---but sometimes the truth is better left unknown.

I was asked to review this for Netgalley. I tried to understand the characters of this story, from the simple Sean Coleman who's a kinda drunk and a bit of a bloke who cried wolf too many times, but the final time was meant to be taken seriously. I disliked the sheriff (his brother in law) and some of the other characters as they weren't too friendly towards him. I liked the little boy who has problems. Sean and him get on and he asks questions as well.

A very through and enjoyable read from an author I can't wait to read other books by.

Private L.A. - James Patterson

Jack Morgan investigates the disappearance of the biggest superstar couple in Hollywood.

Thom and Jennifer Harlow are the perfect couple, with three perfect children. They may be two of the biggest movie stars in the world, but they're also great parents, philanthropists and just all-round good people.

When they disappear without a word from their ranch, facts are hard to find. They live behind such a high wall of security and image control that even world-renowned investigator Jack Morgan can't get to the truth. But as Jack keeps probing, secrets sprout thick and fast - and the world's golden couple may emerge as hiding behind a world of desperation and deception that the wildest reality show couldn't begin to unveil. Murder is only the opening scene.

I was asked to review this for Netgalley as I had already read the others in the series.
I would say I loved Jack Morgan's character as the way he gets himself into all sort of scraps is amazing. His team are always there with him and would love to know what happens with the outcome to his brother's trial.
Can't wait for book 8 Mr Patterson :D