Monday, 9 December 2013

A Country Kitchen Christmas: Sometimes Love Comes One Recipe at a Time - Leanne Tyler

Penelope Anders can't cook, yet she writes the very successful Country Kitchen Cooking blog for the Southern Cooking Channel. Everything is going fine until she's informed that the new CEO ran a contest giving one lucky winner the opportunity to spend Christmas with her at the Anders farm in Crater's Corners, Tennessee. But there is one big problem. Penelope doesn't own the Anders farm anymore. Derek Smythe does. And she still hadn't forgiven him for buying the place.

Derek Smythe needs a new roof and a new septic system at the farm so he can sell the place and move on with his life. When the producer for the Southern Cooking Channel shows up wanting Penelope Anders to return to the farm to fulfill a contest he believes his prayer has been answered and agrees for the price of the repairs. The producer calls his bluff and agrees. But is he ready for Penelope Anders to walk back into his life only to walk out again?

I finished this in the early hours of this morning. It was a nice Christmas love story. Penelope who can't cook, but can write a Food blog (from her childhood memories) has to go back to Anders Farm for 1 week. The CEO did a competition for 1 lucky winner to have Christmas with Penelope at the Anders Farm without telling her or the Food Network Producer. Penelope goes back to her childhood home, but is not keen on who she sold the farm to. He teaches her how to cook and they she starts to think differently about him. 

I loved the love story and the background of why she sold the farm in the 1st place. There is a twist in the story too.

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