Thursday, 26 June 2014

STOLEN by Dawn Kopman Whidden

Will detective Marty Keal and Jean Whitley be able to find out the identity of a little boy before it’s too late?
In the riveting mystery novel Stolen, detective Marty Keal is on leave handling personal business when he is drawn back into a case with all of the makings of a sinister event. His partner, detective Jean Whitley, is first on the scene of a horrible crime that took place in a cabin in the woods. She arrives to find an older man dead, a younger man seriously wounded and a half naked child in the back of the cabin who’s apparently been missing for 3 months. Then, the detective finds a little boy running through the woods with little clothes and barely able to communicate. The police have a lot on their plate as they race to find out who the nameless men in the cabin are, who is the distressed little boy and what is the possibly frightening connection between them all?
Highly reviewed author Dawn Kopman Whidden has penned yet another disturbingly memorable mystery that lovers of Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson will be clamoring to read. From beginning to end, Stolen is a fast paced murder mystery with a twist around every turn!
Stolen is a standalone novel that features two intriguing detectives from Dawn Kopman Whidden’s previous mystery novels A Child Torn & Faceless: A Mystery.

I was asked to review this book by the author. Well I can honestly say I have loved all the twists and turns of this story. It's given me an in depth look at the characters. It makes me feel as if I am watching the story via a tv programme like Bones/Criminal Minds lol.

This starts off with a murder (like all good thrillers) that has some suspicious characters and why is a child screaming their head off in the woods I wouldn't know. Also carries on with The Captain (Marty's dad) on how he is and what happened with him in the previous book. I've still got reservations on Detective Jean Whitley as I think she can sometimes be a bit stuck up. But I have loved the way Dawn winds her characters around situations that is beyond anyone's control. She has shown us how Marty's family are involved in this book more from the past. The twists you do not see coming and the way things go with this story, I think it will be another Best Seller for Ms Whidden. 

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