Friday, 18 July 2014

Angel's Truth (Angel #2) by Liz Borino

*Please Note: These Books Must Be Read In Order*
Blurb: “Freeze or I’ll shoot!” Aaron yelled and aimed the gun at Jordan’s chest.
“Angel, no, please.” Hacking fluid-filled coughs broke up Jordan’s words.
“Jordan?” Aaron whispered his name as recognition painted a mural of memories of their life together on his face. 
“Yes.” He coughed red into his dirty hand. “Please help.”
So begins Angel’s Truth, the sequel to Angel’s Hero. Army Captain Jordan Collins arrives home, only to find the man responsible for his imprisonment, torture, and near-execution with his husband. Had his Angel moved on without him?
Aaron “Angel” Collins has driven his family and friends away in his quest to learn the truth of Jordan’s fate, leaving only Major General Troy Hart willing to help him. When Jordan miraculously returns, with a spirit more broken than his body, Aaron realizes Hart was really a liar with an agenda of his own. Aaron is unable to take time to heal his own emotional wounds, because he and Jordan learn Hart’s betrayal is even greater than they originally believed, threatening the entire nation. Now the reunited couple must race against time to keep a promise to Jordan’s savior and prevent Hart from bringing terrorism once again to American soil.

I was asked to review this for Netgalley. The story carries on from where Angel's Hero finished. Aaron 'Angel' Collins and Jordan Collins are tracking down Troy Hart who has been at the centre of all this commotion. Adeela Nadar is Jordan's saviour, can he rescue her and keep his promise to get her out or will it be too late. All will be revealed in Angel's Truth.

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