Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Heartstone Odyssey - Arvan Kumar

The story was one told on a long train journey from Bombey to Madras in India in 1985, and the author's name chosen by the people in that carriage to not create prejudices- Arvan is one of the horse messengers of the moon, while Kumar is a term for Mr. The book is very thought provoking, and deals with the issue of racism in a serious yet magical way so that a young reader is not alienated.

I picked up this book over a year ago lol, and in between reading other great books I've managed to find the time to read and finish it.

This is a story about a Indian woman and a load of mice on a journey of discovery. Racist comments, nasty fire starting all in the name of Racism.

You meet some lovely characters in the mice (Hugbundle, Honeymouse, Jasminemouse, Starwhiskers, Sunfur to name a few). Chandra one of the main characters goes on a journey to find parts of a special magical gem called The Heartstone. Along the way she meets some wonderful characters in the mice and people who are willing to help her on her journey. Then she meets some nasty characters Smirkmuzzle (in my opinion is the most horrible RAT you will ever meet) and his friends who try and stop the journey at way they can.

You have to READ this book to understand how an author as good as Arvan Kumar (Arvan is one of the horse messengers one of the moon, while Kumar is a term for Mr.)

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