Friday, 20 February 2015

The Advent Killer (Antonia Hawkins #1) by Alastair Gunn

Christmas is coming. One body at a time. 

Three weeks before Christmas: Sunday, one a.m. A woman is drowned in her bathtub.

One week later: Sunday, one a.m. A woman is beaten savagely to death, every bone in her body broken.

Another week brings another victim.

As panic spreads across London, DCI Antonia Hawkins, leading her first murder investigation, must stop a cold, careful killer whose twisted motives can only be guessed at, before the next body is found. On Sunday. 

When the clock strikes one . . .

When I got this book a while ago, I thought I would read it for Christmas. Well that never came lol. 

This was recommended by a friend to read as I also have the 2nd book in the series. It starts off really good and you think you're getting into the mind of a killer. No idea why the 1st 2 people was killed originally. As the story unfolds, you begin to understand part of the killer's mind (but no idea who he/she is). Acting DCI Antonia Hawkins is only just been made a DCI through the previous DCI passing away. This is her 1st major case and boy has she landed one hell of a case. How she solves it, you'll have to read, who is the killer and how does he/she always get 1 step ahead of DCI Hawkins. 

All will be revealed in this gripping book.

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