Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Interconnected Hearts (Connected #3) by Bethany Daniel

This is book three in the Connected series, it starts after the Epilogue of Disconnected. 

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You met and fell in love with Krista and Scott as their love grew along side the rekindled love of their best friends, Liam and Katy, and now you get to watch their love bloom. 

Krista Quinn-Adams is a tough chick, and the center of her husband's, movie star Scott Adams, world. In the short time they have been together they have already had to deal with a crazy actress that tried to take out their friend Katy and almost took down Krista while she was at it, and the paparazzi following them around every corner, and now they are adjusting to the real world. Krista has an everyday job as a counselor at a high end high school in Los Angeles doing what she does best, and Scott is busy filming his newest movie with a young up and coming actress, Zoie Reese. 

A phone call from the head of Excite Entertainment, Mitchell Fallon, makes their jobs collide. Krista brings her expertise to the table trying to help the young actress who has been labeled trouble both by the media and Excite, out of the dark place she's in and out on the better end of the Hollywood mad house. But is Zoie Reese a little more than Krista can handle? 

Get all caught up with Krista and Scott and follow them through their first red carpet together, the highs and lows of Hollywood, and the continued fight against the L.A stereotype to keep their hearts forever, interconnected.

I would like to thank the author for giving me a heads up of this book.

I was excited to read/listen to this story. I was wondering where this story would go with Krista and Scott's POVs. We also meet Braden Warren who is Liam's little brother and Zoie Reese who has problems with her parents and the memory of her brother. How these 2 get together will be interesting.

You get scandal with teenagers in the limelight, normal life away from the cameras, scandal with a love child  and a happy ending. I liked the way the story ended up going and the way Krista is the main focus at times of a woman with her head screwed on right in a world of celebrities. It was lovely to read about Scott's past and how the future looks for Mr and Mrs Adams. Looking forward to reading more from the lovely Ms Daniel.

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