Sunday, 21 August 2016

FBOM by E.M. Bosso

There is no pain like the loss of a child. When that pain can be directed at one group, in the hands of a dark and brilliant zealot, there are no prisoners no survivors; only a wake of destruction and damnation.

This is the story of one such man, the woman who loves him, the detective who hates him, and the country girl who understands him far too well. Who will come out on top as they interact in the dark and dangerous world of wealthy sons. Mob bosses and corrupt politicians?

This is a fast paced, dark, brutal story that may trigger some individuals who have experienced abuse, rape, or violence in their own lives. If you are one… know that people care; people want to stand by you and share their strength giving you hope and love and tenderness.

If you are one of the predators… also know… the Foundation for the Betterment Of Man is coming soon…

I was given this book to review from the author. I will say that the storyline is hard going at times due to the nature of the book. But it's an insight to what happens and who is out there to help.

Took me a while to get into the book and ended up reading it on my phone as the quotes wasn't looking right on my kindle. It's one man's mission to clear the scum off the earth with his Foundation. I found it really eye-opening into what happens when people go vigilante and the help that is out there for victims.

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