Sunday, 13 November 2016

Stevenage Writers: The Annual: Volume 1 - Various

I was given this book by 1 of the authors to read and review for an honest opinion. Well I can say that in some parts there was spelling mistakes/grammar errors. Some of the stories were a bit too far fetched (but in their defence, they are new authors who are mostly testing the waters to see what we think of their types of writing).

There are a few authors there who've got either stories out there for all to see or a blog that they post their work on. Now I know some of the stories/poetry isn't to everyone's type/style, but I would say there is something for everyone in this book.

I have liked/loved a few stories, laughed at 1 or 2 as well with the story lines that have been thought up. I would like to read more on "Ghost Story" written by David Cleave as he had me wondering what was going to happen in the next part to the story. I also found S J Gungam's "Letter of Complaint" was a good story as it could happen to anyone and it most probably does. BUT I found "What is the world coming to" a very thought provoking piece of work as it brings home the endangered species and what we as human species can save and help in this world. "The Pod" had me laughing as it tells a story of what us children looking after our parents into their old age and taking advantage of their savings. 

I will be quite interested to see what these authors come up with next. Looking forward to Volume 2 in the near future.

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