Saturday, 11 February 2017

The TROUBLE with BILLIONAIRES: Book 3 by Kristina Blake

Ever since I saw his first movie, I’ve lusted after sexy heart-throb, Logan Mitchell. Imagine my surprise when Logan is stricken with a drug-induced seizure, and I’m left alone to make sure that the man who makes my pulse race is going to be okay. 

The “zing” of attraction that I feel for him is undeniable, and my gut tells me he feels the same way. If only he would let his wall down enough to let me in—permanently. 

My heart tells me that this is the man of my dreams. Yet, my head is plagued with doubt. After all, he seems to have a deep, intimate connection with my best friend, Madison. Is it more than a friendship between them, and what secrets do they share? 

Can this gorgeous movie star ever transition from a fantasy to a reality for me? Or will I end up with a broken heart and a broken friendship? 

The final book in the series of The Trouble with Billionaires.

This ends up tying the loose ends of what all 3 men and their love interests are about. You meet Madison who is in love with Rawn Jackman who is her boss's boss and also a man with secrets as well as Madison, Mellisa who is in love with Conrad Goldstein who's ex wife has a medical condition and is the PR guru for the company as well as Mellisa is hiding from someone (and if they find her, her real identity will tear her apart) and finally Annie who's madly in love with Logan Mitchell who's a film star and is hiding a secret only Madison knows. What makes it more interesting is that someone is out to hurt Rawn Jackman by the only way necessary. Through Madison Miller and they will do ANYTHING to get to him.

Read this installments of The Trouble with Billionaires to find out if they find the culprit. Did Logan tell Annie his secret? Did Conrad find out who Mellisa is really? What is Madison originally hiding and has it anything to do with Rawn Jackman's situation????

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