Monday, 28 May 2018

Doll Face (DI Tudor Manx #2) by Dylan H. Jones

Three months after solving his last case, DI Tudor Manx leads a harrowing investigation to catch a killer terrorizing the Isle of Anglesey.

After the body of the first victim, Sian Conway is found, the suspicion quickly falls on her boss, Kimble McLain, and her volatile ex-husband, Liam Fowler.

The autopsy soon reveals Sian was eighteen weeks pregnant and when the coroner finds a religious text hidden in the victim’s liver, Manx suspects this could be the work of a serial killer.

The case takes a shocking turn when footage of Sian’s murder is discovered.

With a twisted killer on the loose and a rising body count, Manx's personal life hits rock bottom when an old colleague from his past hits him with a bombshell revelation

Why does Kimble McLain have links to each of the victims?

And what is the killer’s real motive?

In a race against time to reveal the killer’s identity, Manx will face his toughest case yet.

Just to say I've never read anything by this author. I haven't read the 1st of the series yet, but I will.

This was suggested for me to read as I like crime/thrillers. It confused me slightly as I hadn't read book 1, but as I slowly got into the story and what the characters was like, I felt like it was going to a page turner for me. 

It makes you think you know who the murderer is, who's involved and for what reason the killer's motive was, but it had me guessing at each corner. I was shocked when they told us who the murderer was and who the characters was (in relation to who). I'd definitely would read Dylan Jones' first book and any more that he writes. 

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