Thursday, 20 February 2014

Shattered Edge - A.M. Hargrove

An Edge Novel

Their trial relationship was meant to last six months, but things didn’t quite work out the way they planned...

Justin Middleton, who has left a string of broken hearts across the state of South Carolina, has only one thing on his mind, and that’s winning Terri Mitchell’s heart in six months. That’s all the time she’s given him...six short months. If he can’t do it by then, they’ll go their separate ways. 

Terri Mitchell knows she’s lost her mind when she even suggested this harebrained scheme. She finally thinks her heart is on the mend from her past encounter with Justin. However, when he shows up at her house late one night looking deliciously sexy and irresistible, her iron will to fight him vanishes and the words tumble from her lips before she’s barely aware of what she’s done. 

Within weeks, both of them find themselves passionately involved, but when Terri’s brother, Preston, shows up, mysterious things begin to happen, turning their blissful world into something dark and dangerous.

When I was given this book just over a year ago, I was like I'll read that soon. I so wished I had read it earlier, cos I have no idea why IT TOOK ME SO LONG lol. I love Annie Hargrove's books and this 1 was no exception.

It carries on from book 1's story. It has Lexi, Pearce, the Middleton family. It brings with it a certain taste for more sex, more love and definitely more HOT characters. Terri and Justin used to date in book 1 but they had an accident. Well let's say that when these 2 get together there are going to be sparks flying left, right and centre. There is all the LOVE, ROMANCE, SEX in this book to make you read it from start to finish. It also has some conspiracy in the book too.

Now I am off to read the next installment to this wonderful series.

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