Monday, 21 April 2014

Unlucky 13 - James Patterson

The Women's Murder Club is stalked by a killer with nothing to lose.

San Francisco Detective Lindsay Boxer is loving her life as a new mother. With an attentive husband, a job she loves, plus best friends who can talk about anything from sex to murder, things couldn't be better.

Then the FBI sends Lindsay a photo of a killer from her past, and her happy world is shattered. The picture captures a beautiful woman at a stoplight. But all Lindsay sees is the psychopath behind those seductive eyes: Mackie Morales, the most deranged and dangerous mind the Women's Murder Club has ever encountered.

In this pulse-racing, emotionally charged novel by James Patterson, the Women's Murder Club must find a killer--before she finds them first.

I was all over the place with this book. Took me longer to read and it got me all worked up to no end of what the heck was happening. I am sincerely not sure what Mr Patterson was doing with this book. There was 3 (YES 3) plots in this book. 1 was to do with Mackie Morales, 1 was to do with pirates and a ship and the other 1 is to do with a burger chain.

Not sure what to make of it, but there is some heroics as usual.

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