Saturday, 18 October 2014

A Breach of Security (Kindle Single) by Susan Hill

When a bunch of neo-fascist thugs named The Bulldogs attack a Gay pride march in the sleepy country town of Lafferton, detective Simon Serrailler moves quickly to find the assailants. He’s already got his hands full making security arrangements for a memorial service to honour soldiers returning from Afghanistan. When anonymous threats come in, Serrailler wonders if the Bulldogs are behind these too – and worries that they know the Prince of Wales will be in attendance. As the day approaches, the threats intensify, and Serrailler finds himself racing against the clock to prevent catastrophe. 

I've just found this little Kindle Single on Amazon Unlimited from an author who's books I've loved through the ghost story I read and others.

I didn't realise that it was a part of the Simon Serrailller series. But I don't think it matters if you hadn't read any of the series. I found the book enjoyable and some stuff deals with stuff that you see every day. A good short story with some twists and turns from a marvellous author who can certainly write brilliant novels. I look forward to reading her Simon Serrailler series soon.

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