Thursday, 9 October 2014

Mommy, May I? by A.K. Alexander

Sixteen years ago, Helena Shea was an up-and-coming fashion model, until an affair with a married man, an unexpected pregnancy, and a drug scandal cost her almost everything. Now CEO of her own modeling agency and founder of a home for wayward mothers, Helena has spent years trying to atone for her sins…but with just one horrifying phone call, they come rushing back again.
A depraved killer has set his sights on Helena, seeking vengeance for the day she robbed him of his only chance at happiness. Now he plans to return the favor—by kidnapping Helena’s estranged daughter, Frankie. To save her, Helena must face the demons of her past, joining forces with her former lover and the journalist who nearly ruined her, embarking upon a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse. Mommy, May I? transports readers into the deepest, darkest corners of a killer’s mind, a twisting psychological thriller that will resonate long after the final page is turned.
I picked this up thinking it sounds like a good psychological thriller. Well I've laughed at places where I don't think I should of done. The main character Richard Shelton who is the psychopath. His past is so excruciating that I wouldn't wanna meet him on a dark night. His parents are a weird set and I swear incest was part of the storyline (weird I know). 

Some of the story was like boring and I was like "Get on with it and hurry up with the story". Helena and her family and stuff is ok, just felt sorry for her, as the lead original police officer had a grudge against her as well as the main psychopath Richard Shelton. I'm not sure if I fancy reading anymore of her books, but will see what the synopsis is on the next books.

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