Tuesday, 13 January 2015

13:24: A Story of Faith and Obsession by M. Dolon Hickmon

“For some readers, this account of obsession, abuse, and redemption could strike too close to home; but those who want a hard-hitting, emotionally charged crime story should place this near the top of their reading list.” —D. DONOVAN, e-book reviewer, Midwest Book Review 


A teenager named Chris knocks on the door of his mother’s ex-boyfriend—then shoots the man dead in premeditated fashion. Hours later, an officer responding to a loud music complaint discovers a second body surrounded by a gruesome scene. With few clues to explain ‘why’, blame for the crimes settles on Chris’s obsession with the dark and violent heavy-metal band, Rehoboam. Reporters broadcast this speculation under sensational headlines, but detective William Hursel is convinced there is a deeper motive. Trailing Chris, William uncovers an underworld where human traffickers ply the wealthy with unseemly indulgences. 

Meanwhile, Rehoboam’s lead singer, Josh, thinks he may finally be ready to take the next step in his relationship with the band’s fiery female drummer. But when news of Chris’s crime spree triggers flashbacks of a harsh, fundamentalist upbringing, Josh finds his career and his romance unexpectedly interrupted. Linked to the widening criminal investigation by his cryptic responses to Chris’s fan club letters, Josh must eventually choose between clearing his name and keeping the secrets of his past. 

“Mr. Hickmon writes with the clarity, power and passion of someone who really knows what he is writing about, and who understands the wide range of responses human beings experience when trying to deal with lives affected by ongoing trauma. There are textbooks that explain the scientific mechanisms that underpin post-traumatic stress disorder, but this book tells a story that reaches out to help us all understand.” —DR. KIM ETHERINGTON, Bristol University psychology professor emeritus 

I was given a copy of this from Netgalley a while ago. Going from what the synopsis was about, I thought it looked and sounded like a great Mystery Thriller. But as I started to read the book and know about the child abuse and stuff that has happened to characters, I'm not sure I can carry on reading.

The child abuse is from a god fearing father to his son who only wants to be the best and not have a belt to him every time his father is displeased. The other child abuse is unmentionable and I feel that knowing that the way the book is heading, I don't feel comfortable reading it. People have read this book with the clarity that it was a brilliant Mystery, but I just can't go forward knowing the situation these 2 characters are in.

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