Saturday, 17 January 2015

Follow The Leader (DS Allie Shenton #2) by Mel Sherratt

A man’s body is found on a canal towpath. In his pocket, a plastic magnet in the shape of an E.

Days later, a second victim is found, this time with the letter V tucked into her clothing.

As the body count rises, the eerie, childlike clues point to a pattern that sends DS Allie Shenton and her colleagues into full alert.

The race is on. Allie and the team must work quickly to determine where the killer will strike next.

The rules are simple but deadly—to catch the killer, they must follow the leader.

From the acclaimed author of Taunting the Dead comes a flesh-creeping tale of a child's game with a terrifying, grown-up twist.

I was given a copy of this book via Netgalley. Well I haven't read Taunting The Dead yet, so I will definitely be reading that. 

The book starts off with an old child's nursery rhyme that most of us will know. Each chapter is short to draw the reader in. The characters are likeable and dislikable. The story goes back in time and forward to modern day time with a twist. Yes, Ms Sherratt gives out who the culprit is, but she draws you in to find out why and a more in depth view into the characters nature. What made this sweet person a killer in the 1st place. There is plots that even I didn't see coming and boy am I glad I read the book.

Read this thrilling novel within 2 days as it had me gripped and kept me up til gone midnight to find out the ending. A DEFINITE PAGE TURNING THRILLER to me.

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