Monday, 2 January 2017

Pohutukawa Highway by Tammy Robinson

It’s January, the height of a New Zealand summer and the Gilbert family have gathered at the campground they’ve been coming to since the seventies to scatter the ashes of youngest son Jeffrey into the sea. 

For Jess, the campground holds bittersweet memories. It’s where she passed a childhood of carefree summers, but it’s also the scene of her first heartbreak at the hands of Hunter Aarden. The summer she turned seventeen he promised her he’d love her for always, then he drove out of camp never to be heard from again. 

Until now. 

After almost two decades, Jess is finally about to find out why. 

Both romantic and humorous, Pohutukawa Highway is a story that reminds us about the importance of family, and the magic of second chances. 

I have never read anything by this author, even though I've always wanted to read her books. So when thinking about challenge books, I needed a book that had Summer on it (this book is published under a different name on Amazon). 

Well I can tell you this author's book written under a new title suited it well. When I started the book I was automatically hooked and transported back to a holiday romance when I was a teenager (heart broken) all those years ago. This book made me laugh, smile and even a few tears was shed over the story (so close to what happened to me in a sense). I will definitely be reading more of her books over the coming months.

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