Saturday, 2 November 2013

Six Cats in My Kitchen - Lyn Horner

This very personal story focuses on six special cats and the part they played in the author’s family. Although the book touches upon serious subjects such as the loss of loved ones, living with a disability, and the impact of life changes, it’s lightened by dashes of humor. Only 9 chapters long, this little book includes lots of photos.

Reviewer Todd Tonseca says, “Through her prose, Horner’s love of life, cats, and wonderfully engaging humor comes through in this high energy memoir. Reading Horner’s story is like chatting with a best friend over coffee on a Sunday afternoon – few things in life are better.”

As the author says, this isn't a "cute kitty" book. It's a marvellous book about a woman and her original 6 cats. What their temprements are like, what antics they get up to and she also shares some bits about her family life as well. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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