Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Truce - E. Milan

When strangers Aaron and Amber die in the same car accident they wake in Purgatory. Haunted by their pasts they choose the unthinkable. Between Purgatory and Heaven lies Hell. Together they choose to walk through the gate and enter Hell hoping to reach Heaven and all they have lost on the other side. Once in Hell they will spark the culmination of a revolution that has been raging for 2,500 years.

What can I say? The story of a man and a woman with their own demons. They suddenly land in between Heaven and Hell, it's called Purgatory. What would you do if your loved ones were in Heaven and you put them there? All you feel is guilty for your actions. 

One woman and one man's fight through hell to help each other to get to heaven to see their loved ones and to make one place a better place as well.

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