Sunday, 25 March 2018

Beautiful Liars by Isabel Ashdown

Seventeen years ago Martha said goodbye to best friend Juliet on a moonlit London towpath.
The next morning Juliet's bike was found abandoned at the waterside.
She was never seen again.
Nearly two decades later Martha is a TV celebrity, preparing to host a new crime show... and the first case will be that of missing student Juliet Sherman. After all these years Martha must reach out to old friends and try to piece together the final moments of Juliet's life.
But what happens when your perfect friends turn out to be perfect strangers...?

I would like to say thank you to Isabel Ashdown for writing such a brilliant and psychological thriller. I would like to thank Tracy Fenton for arranging this blog tour. Also would like to thank Orion Publishing Group and Trapeze for letting me review this book. 
OMG, what an explosive storyline. At the beginning I wanted to give up as it was like where is this going. It was so confusing me at times and I was like why am I reading this. But as I carried on reading and the story was opening up where it was making sense. I've really had my OMG moments and as they say "Shut the door" moments as well.
Without giving the story away, it will make you carry on reading and to find out what happens when your perfect friends really do turn out to be perfect strangers. You have to download or buy and read Beautiful Liars - Isabel Ashdown to find out all about Martha, Juliet and others.

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