Sunday, 27 October 2013

Crave (The Dining Club #3) by Marina Anderson

Part Three: Crave
Grace has had her first taste of the Dining Club...and she's already addicted. Now, as she counts down the days until her next erotic challenge at the Club, she can't stop thinking about David's stamina and the earth-shattering pleasures that await her.
When a stunning red dress arrives from David, Grace feels more ready than ever to meet the Club's next test. But the new challenge that awaits her is more dangerous than decadent - dazzling club member Amber is more eager than ever to win David's affection, and Grace must do whatever it takes to keep him.

I was asked to review for Netgalley.

This book Crave carries on from where Bound left. Grace is very disturbed of her feelings and what happened at The Dining Club that month. Her anticipation at what is going to happen at the next monthly Dining Club experience leaves her feeling vulnerable. She defends her relationship with David against her friend Fran, who she thinks is dangerous. David has been doing what he does best and that is avoid the unavoidable with Grace (his feelings for her). Amber is just soooo argh, I want to get hold of her and throw her out the door.

Now the ending has me worried to what will happen next to Grace as the other person has left the dungeon of doom. Now I need to know what happens next. So off to sort out Seduce next.

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