Sunday, 27 October 2013

Touch (The Dining Club #5) by Marina Anderson

Welcome back to the Dining Club. Pass the challenges we set, and a world of pleasure awaits...
In the depths of The Dining Club, its passionate members surrounding her, Grace faces her third trial. But she is confused by her lover's behavior. David is cold, controlling and almost seems to make the task as challenging as possible.
Amber, Grace's rival, sees things very differently. Desperate to keep Grace away from her hard-won throne at the head of the Club, Amber plots to get Grace out. But quiet, beautiful Andrew has his own agenda - he wants Grace to himself and he will do anything to seduce Grace away from the man that has so bewitched her, even reveal some of David's darkest secrets...

Reviewed for Netgalley.

TOUCH is a follow on from SEDUCE. 

Grace is a lovely woman, who wants to love and hold her man David. But David just has other ideas with this dark side to him. He wants to CONTROL, MANIPULATE and USE her. I am so frustrated that he is doing this. I feel like I want throw something at him. Amber on the other hand, I want to strangle her. She is another 1 who is manipulative and is out for Number 1. Then we have Andrew who is madly in love with Grace, but it's more than his job's worth to have feelings for her.

It's just stopped in the middle. Now what happens next with Grace and David? Does Andrew get what he wants? Does Amber get David? All will be revealed in the next book of The Dining Club which is CARESS.

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