Sunday, 27 October 2013

Submit (The Dining Club #7) by Marina Anderson

Welcome back to the Dining Club. Pass the challenges we set, and a world of pleasure awaits...
There is one more task to pass. One more until Grace can become a full member of The Dining Club, and ensure she holds on to David's love and lust indefinitely. But she knows it isn't going to be easy - there are several determined to see her fail, and with David torn over what her success would mean for his lifestyle, Grace must do this for herself.
They will test her on everything she has learnt - pushing her body to the limits and into entirely new realms of discovery. But if she doesn't pass, this world, and David, will be closed to her forever.

I was asked to review this for Netgalley.

How far would you go for the man you love?

Book 7 sees Grace start a new part of the tasks, one she will question how she feels about David and is all these tasks worth his love. I am not sure I am in complete contrast to what is happening with the poor woman. David has had her tied up, bound, gagged and used to his own satisfaction. Then you have the lovely and ever manipulative Amber, who sure wants Grace to fail. In their attempts to get her to fail, Grace certainly lives up to the unexpected.

Now what lies in wait for the final task and will Grace take it and have David for herself or will Amber finally win David? All will be revealed in the concluding part of The Dining Club.

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