Sunday, 27 October 2013

Surrender (The Dining Club #8) by Marina Anderson

Welcome to the final Dining Club. Pass this last challenge, and a world of pleasure is yours to keep...
Grace has completed her introduction to the highly exclusive Dining Club and enthralled her demanding lover, David. But now she wants to know the secrets behind Table Five - the very last table.
Available only to elite members, making it to Table Five would change Grace's life entirely. Facing a decision that could ruin everything, or ensure David never bores of her, Grace will have to prove her worth to the men that will decide her fate. A furious, agile Amber makes for a formidable opponent, but Grace's sexual power is now at its peak, and she is ready for one last challenge...

I was asked to review this for Netgalley.

When book 8 comes into play, you are seeing Grace go up against Amber for the title of Hostess of The Dining Club. Grace has all the background she needs to beat Amber at this game as she is needed to become a slave. Amber on the other hand has all the sexual power from being challenged three times and can she do it a fourth. All will be revealed when you Surrender yourself.

What is Amber and Lucien up to? Will Grace and David live happily ever after? Will Andrew bring Fran to The Dining Club?

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