Monday, 23 March 2015

EMBRYO 5: SILVER GIRL (EMBRYO: A Raney & Levine Thriller) by J.A. Schneider

A beautiful young TV star, Jody Merrill, dies mysteriously and police are stumped. They are even more at a loss when the grisly remains of yet another actress, Jody's co-star, are found.

Detectives request the help of doctors Jill Raney and David Levine, police friends and detectives on their own. For Jill and David this is personal; they are heartbroken since both murdered young women were their friends. Furiously they resolve to find the killer: to skirt the law as they always do in cases of sex crimes, child abuse and murder; helping where cops' hands are tied ("No warrant? No problem!"), or in ways that police forensics never imagined.

The killer, capable of unspeakable savagery, must commit more murders in order to hide...possibly behind the glitzy cover of Show Biz Hell. As Jody Merrill called it, "That gorgeous, sparkly bubble that closes you in, bloats your ego in some weird, alternate universe where you lose all bearings, lose yourself. Fame is unhealthy."

I have read and loved all 5 of the Embryo series so far. This story line wasn't what it usually is with the others I've read. 

Yes it's fast paced (would be as I've read it within a day), has all the action packed characters that the previous books have. Jill and David are caught up in the middle of a great action, fast paced and heart racing story. You never see the plot coming til you are like gasping for breath. Thinking it's one person and finding out it's someone completely different.

Hope J.A. Schneider writes more soon as I am so hooked and it was all thanks to a friend who said this series was nail biting.

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