Thursday, 19 March 2015

High Desert Siren - Marilyn Bledsoe

I was asked to give an honest review in exchange for a copy of this book of poetry from a friend.
Well, I am not usually a poetry kind of person. I understood some of the concepts of the hard life this author has taken. I liked to get to know the author more through her sayings, but some bits I felt was going on or going away from what she was trying to get the reader to understand about her thoughts. I feel she has had a hard life I agree. I am sorry that her mother is not well and I send my thoughts to her. I also get the feeling that she has loved and lost loads of people over the years through her writing too. Adding to some of her poems to me, she could do with expressing in a less than blunt way of the writing. Try and get the words to flow into kind of sentences that the reader can understand a bit better. The poem The Last Rose of Summer that Marilyn and Dusti spoke about, the way the words flowed through and was understood what the poem was about and when Dusti said how it affected his reasons for writing in the first place hit home.

Some poems have a lull in them to the extent that you can connect to the author's past, present and hopefully the future of what they write. I won't say I HATE poetry, but some poems have grown on me and life won't be taken lightly in the retrospect of the writings of this lovely author.

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  1. I thank you for this honest review. As your readers could be aware, I have a vested interest in this book, having done most of the work producing it, short of writing Marilyn's actual poems!
    This is a very brave first collection, and as I have stated in my forward, Marilyn now has difficulty in physically typing. But with close on fifty years of notebooks to delve into, this certainly won't be her last!